Darren Jew

Darren Jew

Canon MasterUnderwater Photographer CPS Gold Member since 1997.
“My father would bring home his Kodachrome slides from expeditions to Mawson Base in Antarctica”. I was a young boy, and images like these from his travels captured my imagination. They were the small sparks that ignited my passion for photography. Both parents continued to encourage me. One defining moment I recall was at age 15 when my mother said, “yes, there’s such a thing as an art college.” I went on to study at the Queensland College of Art and also worked in darkrooms and commercial studios. At 20 I was appointed Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service’s photographer. It was a dream start. I honed my skill while realising my profound love of nature. In retrospect I see how formative that was for me. In the two decades that followed, I became inseparable from the natural world. My favourite place to shoot is in the deep, mysterious world of the ocean. I love bringing the underwater world to the surface. My clients include Australian Geographic, Sport Diver, National Geographic Society, CSIRO, Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland. I also lead photography tours through wildlife destinations around the world. I’ve authored two books as well. I’ve also been fortunate enough to receive a few accolades. I was named Canon AIPP Australian Professional Science, Environment and Nature Photographer of the Year in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2013. I also have an AIPP Master of Photography. I use a lot of different gear, but I really love the 1DX. Its responsiveness, the way it handles, its speed and its low light capability are incredible. It’s opening up new possibilities and helping me push the boundaries. I feel exceptionally confident with this camera in my hand. Another favourite part of my kit is the Canon 16-35mm f2.8L II. Around a quarter of the images in my collection were created with this lens. It’s perfect for what I do.
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