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Live Webcam at Sydney Harbour!
Welcome to the Canon Webcam page. The Canon Webcam is situated on the 36th floor of the Shangri-La Hotel at Circular Quay in Sydney. The position of the system provides the best views of Sydney Harbour and its most popular tourist attractions.

[ Night Vision, Motion Detection and more!... ]

You can view the Webcam for 10 minute periods at each connection. To enhance your Webcam experience, there are pre-set views of some of Sydney's most famous landmarks.

Launch Canon Webcam

Step 1: Click the "Launch Canon Webcam" link above

Step 2: Click the "Start Control" button to acquire control privileges. Once control privileges are acquired, the "Camera control status window" turns to green. The number beside the click icon is your period of exclusive control.

Step 3: Now, you can control the Webcam. Camera pan, tilt and zoom ratio are freely controlled. Also don't forget to use the pre-sets and panorama features.

Up to 50 users can be connected at the same time. When there are many users waiting for camera control, you will lose individual control after 60 seconds.

The quality of the images are strongly related to the weather conditions, so the pictures transmitted during periods of rain, fog etc. may be of lower than usual quality. In low light conditions we recommend that you use the camera's luminosity adjustment button.

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