Behind every powerful image is a powerful story.
Five of the world's best photographers push the limits in some of the planet's most extreme and fascinating environments
Check out some behind the scenes of some of the most memorable episodes from Tales by Light. Find out more about the photographers and see stills from the episodes.
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with Darren Jew


with Art Wolfe


with Peter Eastway
This week we'll travel to Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands with marine photographer Darren Jew as he gets to know the locals and realises a long awaited dream.
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Renowned nature photographer, Art Wolfe, guides us through the mountains and of Alaska, across the plains of East Africa and over to the ancient tribes of Papua New Guinea for a breathtaking look at wilderness, ancient traditions and animals in their natural environment.
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Experience the staggering beauty and mystery of Antarctica with leading landscape photographer, Peter Eastway. Join us in learning more about this alluring part of the world on an amazing discovery of wildlife and wilderness.
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