Canon launches new EOS C100 cinematography camera

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Canon launches new EOS C100 cinematography camera

New Cinema EOS Camera facilitates high–quality results for single-user operations, from film-school projects to independent documentaries.

SYDNEY, 29 August, 2012: Canon Australia today added the compact, lightweight EOS C100 digital video camera, to the company’s Cinema EOS System line-up of professional digital cinematography products. Supporting a wide range of applications, from film-school projects to documentaries, the EOS C100 now makes independent productions easier, with automatic functions facilitating easy operation by a single user.

Canon Cinema EOS C100

Canon Cinema EOS C100

"Inheriting a range of rich video expressions from its sister product the EOS C300, the EOS C100 is a multi-purpose camera for budding filmmakers, wedding videographers or corporate television productions," said Charles Montesin, Brand Manager – Professional Video, Canon Australia. "This is the ideal camera for budding cinematographers, offering Cinema EOS quality as well as unparalleled compactness, ease of use and compatibility with Canon’s diverse range of EF lenses for DSLR cameras or new EF Cinema Lenses."

The EOS C100 incorporates an industry-standard-size Super 35 mm-equivalent CMOS sensor (approximately 8.29 million effective pixels), featuring a large pixel-surface-area for high light-gathering capabilities. The result is high sensitivity and reduced noise for natural low-light shooting.

The CMOS sensor reads Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) video signals for each of the three RGB primary colours, decreasing the incidence of moiré while realising 1,000 horizontal TV line resolution. Additionally, supported by a heightened signal read-out speed, the CMOS sensor reduces rolling shutter skews, a phenomenon prevalent with other types of CMOS sensors in which fast-moving subjects may appear diagonally distorted.

Optimal for single-person operation, the EOS C100 includes a range of features for ease of use without compromising on quality. One–Shot AF and Push Auto Iris, Multi-Angle Control LCD Panel and simultaneous HD and SD recording on two SD cards provide practical, on-location assistance to the operator. Employing Wide DR Gamma to realise a maximum 800% wide dynamic range, the C100 does away with the need for many post-production processes while ensuring smooth gradation with reduced detail loss in highlight areas.

Shooting in confined environments is now less cumbersome thanks to the C100's sleek design and vertically oriented 'mobile core' body design, which opens up the range of innovative possibilities in imaging expression even further. In accordance with on-location shooting needs, the camera can be outfitted with accessories such as a handle, grip, and thumb rest. Moreover, the camera accommodates Canon’s diverse line-up of interchangeable EF lenses for EOS single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras as well as new EF Cinema Lenses delivering imaging performance ideally suited for cinematic applications.

With the introduction of the EOS C-series line-up, Canon endeavours to enable filmmakers to take their production further and offer affordable video production options. In good company alongside the EOS C300 (released in January this year), the EOS C100 joins the EOS C500 (also launched today) to carry on the heritage of exceptional video-quality performance for emerging film professionals.

The new Canon EOS C100 will go on sale in Australia in December 2012 with pricing set at dealer discretion.

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