Recycling at Canon

Canon Oceania has recycling programs at all of its sites. The details of our recycling efforts are included in our Sustainability Report

Product Recycling

All products and parts that are returned to Canon are either: reused, refurbished  or recycled. In addition Canon is actively involved in a number of schemes to promote and develop national recycling schemes for products and consumables.

Toner and Ink Cartridges

Canon Australia is proud to be a founding partner of the Cartridges for Planet Ark Program (C4PA) which collects toner and ink cartridges, toner bottles and other consumables from offices and retail outlets.

Global Recycling  Program for Toner Cartridges

Canon pioneered the collection of used toner cartridges in 1990 as a voluntary measure, and started toner cartridge recycling the following year.  All collected cartridges are utilised as reused parts in new products or in material recycling and we achieve 100% recovery. Through this toner cartridge recycling program Canon globally reduces both the use  of new resources  and CO2 emissions.