Krystle Wright

Krystle Wright

Canon MasterExtreme Sports Photographer CPS Gold Member since 2008.
"After seeing Adam Pretty's folio in a magazine, I knew instantly what I wanted to do in life." At the time I’d just finished school and was grappling with which direction to take – I loved art and I loved sport. Looking at Adam’s portfolio made me realise I could combine the two. I enrolled into a BA of photography at QCA. I wasn’t very good at university (I struggled to pay attention, or turn up for that matter) though I was excited to get out and keep shooting as much as I could. In that first year when I was 18, I didn’t have much clue about what I was doing. But during some work experience a year later at the Sunshine Coast Daily, things suddenly began to click. Now these little machines that I hold in my hands take me on wild journeys around the world. The right kind of photography can be a ticket to beautiful places that people don’t normally visit. With adventure photography, there are no sidelines to hold you back from the sport. To capture adventure you have to be part of it. I've paraglided at 7000m above the Karakoram Range in Pakistan, swum in 10ft waves in Indonesia, camped on a frozen fjord in the Arctic for a month. Every trip throws unique challenges and I love it. I can’t recommend it enough! One of the defining moments for me was travelling to Baffin Island in 2010 to shoot 23 BASE jumpers. I spent the trip hiking up mountains, straddling the edge of cliffs, looking down on the clouds. It really was a whole new level of adventure for me. My favourite piece of equipment is the Canon 24mm f/1.4. It's the main lens I shoot with and lets me achieve some seriously awesome angles.
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