COVID-19 Update

7th August 2020

Updated 7th August 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving global situation and has brought unprecedented challenges to our business, our customers, our employees and of course the wider community. Our approach is to continue to manage the situation in a safe, calm and measured way, and when required act swiftly and communicate clearly.

Our Canon Oceania Business Continuity team (BCP) has been actively monitoring the situation and putting appropriate measures in place as the situation evolves. We have a clear framework in place should any incidents arise, by which we are operating.

As you can appreciate, we are in truly unique times. We would like to thank all our customers, partners and stakeholders for their support and patience as we work through this situation together.

The below provides an update from across our business:

Restrictions in Victoria
The Victorian Government has introduced Stage 4 Restrictions in the Melbourne metropolitan area and other restrictions throughout the state. These tougher restrictions are currently having an impact on Canon services. They are noted below:

  • As a result of the restrictions, business product installations, collections or relocations within Victoria will be limited to businesses deemed “business critical” only. The definition of a critical business has been set out by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.
  • The full impact of the Stage 4 Restrictions on in-office and in-home service visits is to be confirmed. For health and safety reasons, Canon technicians will make contact with the nominated contact person on approach to clarify COVID-19 specific queries prior to attending the site visit. If our technicians don’t have the details they need, they cannot attend their service visit. 
  • While logistics and transportation have been deemed an essential service, the additional requirements and directives surrounding COVID-19 are causing disruption to product deliveries. We are closely monitoring the situation and will continue to work with our carriers to ensure that we minimise impacts as best we can. However, please expect some disruptions to service across all our transport providers.

For aspects of our business that are still operating during the Stage 4 Restrictions in Victoria, Canon has a COVID Safe Plan and it can be viewed here.

Ongoing Safety
See here our Canon Safe Work Method Statement. This statement outlines how we ensure a safe and healthy working environment for Canon employees, customers and other affected parties while undertaking work at Canon sites, at home or on customer sites. This plan outlines how we’ll operate safely during COVID-19 restrictions for employees.

Service Technicians
In terms of our technical workforce (the technicians that visit to fix your machines), we have added additional rigor to increase the safety precautions protecting them and you. All technicians have completed the Australian Government COVID-19 infection control training. More than 35% of service actions are resolved remotely, again ensuring greater safety of our employees and yours.

Canon eStore
The Canon eStore is fully operational at this time, however due to current circumstances, shipping on certain items via our free nation-wide delivery service may be slower than usual. We appreciate your support and patience.

Contactless Delivery
All of Canon’s transport partners have moved to a contactless delivery program. Like Canon, the health and safety of their employees, our customers and the community are priorities.

Camera Service
Our camera repair services are running as normal. For general consumer repairs, we ask you to please complete the repair form on our website and send in your camera in by post or courier.

Canon Business Services (previously Converga & Harbour IT)
We remain focussed on providing flexible ways to meet the needs of our customers, with technology and systems in place that have enabled us to mitigate disruptions and ensure continuity of service across our onshore, offshore and onsite operations. For the majority of our teams, services will continue to be delivered through remote working capability. Safety and containment protocols are in place to protect critical onsite employees, including integration with customer mitigation practises where applicable.

Employee Safety
We are regularly providing updates to our employees based on our policies and government advice. The majority of our employees are working some (or all) of their time from home based on state-based restrictions and the latest advice. Employees have been advised to remain at home if they are unwell, or self-isolate in the required conditions if they have been in contact with an infected person, have been tested, or visited a hotspot. We are planning to gradually return to work in line with National and State Government advice as well as our own risk assessments. Employees have also been requested to follow additional safety precautions in line with government guidelines, both in our offices and workplaces they visit. 

If you have any further questions, please speak with your Canon representative or email our Corporate Communications team.

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