Bauer Media Finds New Efficiencies with Canon MDS & uniFLOW

28th April 2017, 04:19pm

Bauer Changes Workplace Culture with Canon Managed Document Service & uniFLOW

As Australia’s leading editorial publisher, Bauer Media Group has a big requirement for quality printing and proofing. However, faced with increasing technical issues and decreasing staff to fix them, they often couldn’t print at all. On top of that print waste was high. Yet for security reasons staff were reluctant to move to a new environment that would do away with personal printers.

Canon’s discovery and change management process helped Bauer analyse needs, customise a solution using its uniFLOW platform and implement it with minimal disruption.

The result? Costs were reduced, efficiency increased and staff retained the confidentiality they demanded.

“Morale is good because everyone is happy despite there being a lot of initial resistance to the change,” said Simon Wheeler, Bauer’s CIO. 

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