Managed Document Services

Outsource your print & document management and create a highly productive work environment
Giving you the right people, technology and process

Outsource the stress and risk and let Canon deliver a seamless, scalable Management Document Service tailored to your business. We help SMB, Enterprise and Government organisations capture, manage, store, share, preserve & deliver paper based & digital information. First by exploring your business needs, then by bringing together people and processes to unlock productivity & drive cost savings.

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    An investment in cost efficiency

    There are many ways your fleet could be costing more than it should. We consolidate costs by simplifying your fleet and use print policies to enable your people to use machines more efficiently.

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    Boost productivity

    Ease the burden on your IT personnel by outsourcing print and document management tasks and free them up for important tasks that actually contribute to your bottom line.

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    Tools to tighten security

    Keep a tight reign on usage and measure print targets, analyse costs by department or user. Avoid security leaks with secure print queue, user authentication, tag and track for sensitive documents.

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    Make a big impact, make the right impact

    Be strategic about sustainability and save money. Reporting tools are used so Canon can monitor usage and provide recommendations, while innovative technology reduces paper, power & consumable usage.


Know how much printing truly costs your business

It’s hard to know where you can cut back if you don’t know what’s being spent. Firstly, we conduct an exhaustive examination to truly understand what’s happening in your business. We call this the Discover Phase where we gain an accurate picture of your business’ print objectives. In this phase we find out where you can save money and what improvements can be made to better manage your documents.

Be confident in a solution that fits with where your infrastructure is now, and where your long term vision is taking you

The Discover phase reveals insights that charts a course to your ultimate objective. Canon's MDS team uses data harvested during this investigation to build out a robust managed print and document solution design. Giving you the power to control your fleet, processes and user behaviour. Empowering more economical, efficient and smarter printing and document management practices. 

Smooth and on-time delivery

Feel at ease with the knowledge that you’re dealing with a company who has implemented systems for many SMB’s, Enterprise & Government organisations. We employ a highly methodical transition phase including Project Management Services, Change Management & End User Education. Ensuring a short transition time, efficient deployment, user awareness & adoption of the new print services & benefits. 

We take care of the management

You will be assigned a dedicated Client Service Manager (CSM) who will steer you toward “Business As Usual” delivery of the agreed MDS solution. Your experienced CSM is the person you want by your side - identifying potential weak points and proactively managing the process to help you get the most out of your new system. Together you will unearth more productivity & cost savings. 

Review, Evolve and Repeat

Our relationship won’t end when we reach Business As Usual delivery. Once implemented, our system enters a review phase, where we stay in contact and conduct a series of reviews. We look at business changes and check user behaviour. We assess your workflow and review if cost benefits are being achieved. We make tweaks until we reach optimum performance of your Managed Document Service over time.

Why Canon is the right choice

We know what to look for to deliver cost savings, work efficiencies and productivity long term. When we say 'end-to-end', it's a promise. We will work from the ground up to deliver a document management service that supports your business goals, with ongoing support along each step.

Our approach:

We offer a truly consultative approach by working with each stakeholder across your business units to discover where there is room for improvement. We aim to understand the end goal and how we can help you get there. This includes one on one interviews and workshops to gain invaluable insights.

Implementation and ongoing management:

We genuinely believe people drive change which is why our approach is always people focused. Once employees are on board with change, we drive momentum through systemising processes and the work environment.

Need more reasons?

We are recognised as global leaders in the delivery of Managed Document Services. Using our wealth of knowledge, we inject our insight into your print and document management practices to deliver win-win outcomes for everyone.