Apple Reboots the iPad Pro

Ever since the iPhone got a huge revamp with the iPhone X (and its bigger and meatier siblings  the XS and the XR), we've been anticipating a similar design update for the iPad Pro. Increasingly the Pro version of the iPad is becoming am important part of the everyday business toolkit, with its discreet profile and powerful functionality. Today's Apple announcement didn't disappoint, with new iPad Pro and iPad Mini's announced. Of course, there's the usual bump in specs — it features an A12X Bionic chip — but the biggest change is the decrease in the size of the bezel surrounding the screen, along with a disappearance of the now-iconic home button. The edges of the iPad have also been updated to a more squared-off design to accommodate the new buttons.

The lack of a home button means the new iPad Pro relies entirely on Face ID for unlocking, which will work in any orientation. A new Apple Pencil has also been announced featuring an intuitive touch surface that supports double-tapping. So now you can change tools without putting it down and it has a magnetic edge for easy charging using the new Apple cordless charging system. Apart from that, the Pencil looks almost identical to its predecessor.

Alongside the two new iPad Pros, Apple also announced a new iteration of the Mac Mini and the Macbook Air, both of which haven't been updated for over 5 years.

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