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4th January 2018
"Photography is a powerful skill to share with young people. It helps them to open their imagination and to see the world differently, to focus on the detail and communicate with the world in new ways." – Steve Loughran, Canon Collective

We want to inspire students to take creative control and stretch the boundaries in photography. 

We've developed specialised Canon Collective workshops and education materials to teach students photography skills that they can take with them for life.


Our workshops provide a relaxed and encouraging environment for students to learn photography and express their creativity. 

Photography: the basics 
We'll help students to push their creativity by learning how to use a DSLR camera and help them understand the basics of the exposure triangle: ISO, aperture and shutter speed. By the end of our workshop, automatic shooting will be a thing of the past and students will be able to shoot in manual mode, with a basic understanding of some of the creative opportunities this opens. 

Portrait photography
We'll help take students' work to the next level by giving them an introduction to the portrait genre of photography. Students will learn the importance of light and in-camera techniques to create flattering and powerful images of people, including the importance of lens choice, accessories and background.

Landscape photography
Inspire your students with tips and techniques to master one of the most popular photography genres. We'll take students out on location and teach them how to use their camera to capture what they see, in the way that only they can see it. We'll cover basic composition techniques and rules for landscape photography. 

Teacher training (train the trainer)
We believe one of the best ways we can support your school in developing students' photography skills is by training your teachers to teach photography. We run workshops with your teaching staff to help them understand the basics of photography and skills to deliver this knowledge in a simple and inspiring way. 

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