How to rise above peak printing challenges

3rd February 2016

As anyone who's seen Office Space knows, underperforming printers can be pretty funny. But they're also a productivity killer and a significant business risk if you need to produce high-volume print runs on a regular basis.

Design studios, publishing companies and some Australian businesses all require printing infrastructure that can work tirelessly and reliably. In many of these businesses, hard copies are considered essential for reviews, collaboration and archiving.
Let’s look at some recent advancements in printing technology that will help you meet your large format printing demands on time, every time.

Media flexibility

The business world requires an endless variety of print formats, from large glossy posters to ultra-high resolution formats for engineering projects and premium artwork.
When selecting a model, it’s important to think about both the type of printing task being performed and the peak volume required.

Printing brochures? Some models have folding and stacking capability, enabling a direct path from printer to delivery van. Producing banners or flowcharts? A continuous-feed printer means you won’t need to reach for the Scotch tape.

By automating repetitive tasks and reducing the need for manual adjustments, modern printing technology can help you better cope with peak demand for quality, high-speed printing.

Multitasking capability

Multifunctional devices can quickly become ground zero of a ‘first in, best dressed’ battle between the people who urgently need to print, scan or copy.

Therefore, it pays to invest in a device that can do all three at the same time without sacrificing quality. That way, everyone meets their deadlines, and the only thing fought over is the espresso machine.

Smart workflow control

Priorities can quickly change during peak periods, and a simple ‘first in, first out’ printing queue just won’t cut it. Critical jobs must be able to jump the queue, and staff should to be able to set and forget jobs for overnight printing runs.

Workflow software gives you the ability to be flexible and responsive to 24/7 business demands, while also achieving more efficient utilisation of your printing equipment.


Some printing technology vendors now provide apps that let users schedule and control print jobs directly from their mobile phone or tablet. Add cloud storage access and you might never need to print from a desktop machine again.

Today’s large format printing technology gives you superior flexibility, mobility and workflow automation, resulting in better client satisfaction and an increased ability to meet market demands during busy periods.
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