Greg Sullavan

Brisbane based photographer, Greg is well known and respected in the industry as an expert in the areas of wedding, portrait, travel and nature photography.
Photograph by Greg Sullavan, Canon Collective Ambassador
The Canon Collective is a group of passionate photography Ambassadors dedicated to helping you grow your skills in relaxed, down-to-earth environment.  In this article Greg Sullavan — one of our Brisbane-based Canon Collective Ambassadors — shares a bit about what makes him tick. 

Insitu image of Greg Sullavan

Describe yourself in 25 words or less: 

A person who pursued the creative process for a far!

Tell us about your photography journey so far:

After becoming obsessed by imagery in childhood, I discovered photography at 15 and founded my high school darkroom later the same year. 

I studied a Bachelor of Visual Arts Degree at Griffith University's Queensland College of Art, majoring in Creative Advertising Photography. 

In 2008 I joined the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and was awarded my Master Photographer status in 2013. I’ve been a finalist in Portrait, Landscape and Nature Categories at the Queensland Professional Photography awards. 

Share the story behind one of your most memorable photographs:

Sunset landscape image of kangaroo on the beach by Greg Sullavan

This image is of a sunrise during a Canon Collective event at Cape Hillsborough.

At exactly the perfect moment, a kangaroo hopped into the frame and 'photo-bombed' my landscape composition.

Thankfully, I waited for the right moment and took the photograph—it’s now one of my favourite images. 
I think it's the most iconic Australian photograph that I’ve ever seen.
Explain your go-to gear and why you rate it so highly:

I like to use the EOS 5DSR because the dynamic range and detail delivered by the sensor is breathtaking! 
I like to think about the weight of my kit, and never pack too much gear. My lens choice is the EF 16-35 f2.8 L III, EF 24-70 f2.8 L II and the EF 70-200 f2.8 L II. They’re the best lenses of their class in the world, and have exceptional optical quality. 
I also carry an EF 1.4EX Extender, 600EX II-RT and ST-E3-RT for wireless flash operation. Finally, a RS-80N3 remote finishes my Canon kit.
black and white image of a pier bridge

What's your favourite part of your job as a Canon Collective Ambassador?

I enjoy mentoring Canon Collective members in all aspects of photography, through from the capture and edit to print. 

It’s rewarding to help people unlock their creative streak, rather than focusing on the boring ‘techs and specs' that you see elsewhere. 

image of an elderly man fixing a clock

If weren't a Canon Collective Ambassador what would you be doing?

It’s inevitable that I would be operating my own photographic studio. 
What's the first thing a new photographer needs to learn?

You need to see the light. The mind wants to interpret what it’s looking at, but a photographer should see the light first.

image of a gondola on a river

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by the pursuit of the perfect print. I am already thinking of how the image will look on Fine Art photographic paper before I’ve taken my camera out of the bag!

Where’s your favourite location to shoot and why?

My favourite location is Hilliard's Creek in the Redlands, near Brisbane. I spent most of my Christmas holiday there, looking for platypus and wild birds.

underwater image of a seaturtle

You can create one more image before you die — what’s it of?

I’d want to create an Australian celebrity portrait exhibition. I know it's not a single image, but this is my story, right?