Jay Collier, Canon Collective Ambassador

Bird Photography Masterclass with Luke Paterson from NT Bird Specialists – Fogg Dam, Darwin

Where:Fogg Dam, Fogg Dam Rd, Middle Point NT 0822
Cost: $70
Maximum event size:1-20 people
  • 31 Aug, 6:30AM - 9:30AM
Image of Kingfisher by Jay Collier

About the event:

Join the Canon Collective along with NT's leading bird expert Luke Paterson from NT Bird Specialists for a private 3 hour guided birding and nature photography experience at Fogg Dam. This highly focused and specialized workshop is for anyone wanting to learn the art of birding and nature photography in the field to gain the essential skills to dramatically improve your skills and knowledge.

NT Bird Specialists

Not only will you have expert guidance from Luke Paterson to help locate a vast variety of birds on the flood plains and surrounding nature trails but you will also be joined by professional wildlife photographers Jay Collier and Jenn Cooper from Canon Collective along with a complete range of Canons professional EOS cameras and L series telephoto lenses including the EF 100-400mm, EF 200-400mm, 300mm f2.8, 400mm f2.8, 400mm f4DO II, EF 500mm and EF 600mm lenses. Each guest will have at least one long lens each at all times for the entire 3 hour workshop which will be rotated between all guests to allow you the change to experience the full range of Canon's high performance lenses for the FIRST TIME EVER IN NT.

During this workshop you will learn:

• How to locate different species local to the Fogg Dam area
• Learn the different behaviors in different species to gain a better understanding of where and how to capture the best images
• How to set up your camera for successful bird photography
• Focus and exposure settings
• Back button focus for the ultimate control and response for nature photography
• How to use and control available light to master exposure
• Explore TV and Manual modes and better understand the use of exposure compensation and how to use it
• Long lens technique and critical settings
• Minimum and maximum shutter speeds and working in varying light conditions
• ISO selection and maintaining correct exposures
• How to use your histogram for perfect exposures every time in any light.

Note: This event is part of the 2019 Canon Collective NT Regional Festival, to see more Festival events click here

The little details:

Recommended equipment:

BYO Canon EOS camera and any lenses you wish to bring, memory cards, spare batteries and a monopod or tripod for long lenses. A complete range of Canon EOS cameras will be available to try such as the EOS 1DX Mark II, 5D Mark IV, 6D Mark II, 7D Mark II as well as the latest Canon EOS R and RP mirrorless cameras.

Event location:

Meet at the first car park area before the dam wall on Fogg Dam Rd. Parking is very limited. Additional information will be provided once bookings are received and we can confirm the number of vehicles ahead of the event.

Important Information

This event takes place outdoors in a wilderness area that includes the risk of coming into contact with wild animals including crocodiles. All guests must follow all directions from your guides at all times and under no circumstances should you walk onto the dam wall or any areas an instructed during the briefing at the beginning of the workshop. All guests must be vary of their surroundings at all times. Please wear appropriate closed toed hiking shoes, long pants and long sleeves are recommended. The forested areas can also have mosquito's so you may wish to use repellent and any other precautions you may wish to take.

Share your images with us

We'd love to see what you capture, please share your images from this event by tagging @canoncollectiveofficial or #canoncollective for your chance to be featured on the Canon Collective Instagram account. @ntbirdspecialists_birdingtours #ntbirdspecialists

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