imageFORMULA DR-G1130

High speed. High quality digital scans

imageFORMULA DR-G1100 Scanner

Your office will never be the same again

Our DR-G1130 will digitise paperwork in record time, capturing an incredible 130 pages of high quality, accurate data per minute then storing it for easy retrieval. With double sided pages flying through this scanner in a single pass and intelligent detection systems managing exceptions to the rule, you'll have the job done in no time.

  • Speed and flexibility

    The DR-G1130 prints out high quality images at a rapid speed. Accelerated batch processing & flexible solutions give the ultimate business advantage.

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  • Smooth on delivery, every time

    With solid construction, heavy duty-feed, eject trays and intelligent detection of extraneous staples and odd pages, winning results come easy.

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    Get ahead with rapid scanning

    You'll waste no time, scanning up to 130ppm in landscape and 100ppm in portrait , in a single pass, with unbelievable image quality and accuracy every time.

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    Get your document management sorted in no time

    Odd sizes, mixed batches of document, no worries. The DR-G1130 will scan everything from A3 to business card size without a fuss. You'll enjoy scanning that's jam free every time.

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    Good on energy

    This super smart scanner meets ENERGY STAR Program guidelines for energy efficiency and comes with stand-by mode settings too.

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    No slip ups

    Ultrasonic double feed sensing means you'll never find multiple sheets slipping through the scanner together - even when you're working with different paper sizes or weights.

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    Nothing is too hard

    It's one smart cookie. The DR-G1130 automatically straightens documents, removes binder holes, enhances colour and text and eliminates bleed. It even knows when to skip a blank page.

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    Staple free are no issue

    This is no lightweight scanner. A smart staple detector will catch and reject any pesky staples ahead of time, before they make a mess of your documents.

imageFORMULA DR-G1130
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