• The Canon Collective

    Providing people with a range of unique experiences to learn and practice photographic skills.

  • The Lab - Evolution Experiment

    Find out what happens when photographers shooting a simple object aren't allowed to take the same photo twice.

  • The Lab - Decoy Experiment

    6 photographers, 1 man, 6 perspectives. Check out the results.

  • Tales by Light

    Canon Australia's first TV series gives you a look through the eyes of some the world's best photographers.

  • "Never Again" - PIXMA

    Don't have any photos of your children on the wall? You might want to re-think that.

  • Krystle Wright - Ends of the Earth

    “My biggest fear is regret. So I follow my curiosity to the ends of the earth. To capture the fleeting moment, the soul of a place.” - Krystle Wright

  • Follow us on Instagram

    When it comes to your ideas, stories and memories, no one sees it like you.

  • Seconds with Stephen Dupont

    Photographer, artist and documentary filmmaker, Stephen's remarkable career has taken him to some of the world’s most remote and dangerous places, capturing haunting images of forgotten peoples...

  • Seconds with Craig Golding

    Beginning his career at the Sydney Morning Herald, Craig has become one of Australia’s leading sports photographers. He has covered major sporting events such as the Olympics, the Commonwealth ...

  • Seconds with Simon Harsent

    Since emigrating from England over two decades ago, Simon has established himself as one of Australia’s leading commercial photographers, noted for his skill at creating arresting and evocative...

  • Seconds with Darren Jew

    The last two decades have seen Darren chase his passion for capturing and sharing the natural world, leading photo tours to the world's great wildlife and landscape destinations, producing soug...

  • Gear in action
    Gear in Action - The Making of Plant of Love Series

    Behind the Scenes with Melanie Poole - Planet of Love

    Planet of Love is a new TV series being produced by 18 Degrees Entertainment. The series looks at the how different cultures around the world view love...



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