Wide Format

Canon Professional Print - Wide Format Printers
Canon Professional Print - Wide Fomat Printers

And we’d like to help you communicate it!

‘I get it!’ It’s that feeling when two collaborators are on the same page. It could be a drawing of a construction plan or map, or a promotional poster or pull up banner. Nothing conveys the message more clearly than printing it in wide format.

Whether your client needs sharp lines and precise detail to convey technical information or they demand the very best colour vibrancy and photo quality to create eye-catching displays, you need the most productive, reliable and capable technology for the job. Canon Professional Print offers the broadest range of wide format roll based solutions in Australia and New Zealand. Building on both Canon and Océ portfolios, the models offer unique benefits and are combined with world class service and support.

Whatever your client’s needs, Canon Professional Print has the wide format print technology to help make your clients’ designs communicative, compelling and inspiring.

Océ Large Format Printers

Océ Large Format Printers offer peace of mind in small to enterprise multi-user technical document environments. Océ’s unique heritage and focus in technical document printing delivers the highest performance products in their class, across a range of inkjet and toner based technologies that minimise running costs and maximise productivity.

Speak to one of our specialists to gain an understanding of how Océ hardware and software solutions can improve your management of technical document printing and archival.