Cinema EOS System

A new HD system for a new century, designed from the ground up to serve the evolving needs of the cinematography world. Seamless compatibility with a wide range of accessories and production tools. Unrivalled versatility – and limitless potential for growth. This is the Canon Cinema EOS system.

Canon EOS Cinema System to the test

“I grew up in the film era – I think what has prevented most cinematographers from whole-heartedly embracing the digital side has been that they don’t feel that the digital technology has delivered everything they’re used to on film.
I believe we’ve actually reached that point now.

We’ve got something now that’s a major league tool that’s available to virtually anyone who can get their hands on it. This opens up the field to everyone; everyone can have access to this camera – which I think, hopefully, will lead to a renaissance of filmmaking.” RICHARD CRUDO, A.S.C. Producer, Director and Director of Photography of “Max Is Back”


EF lenses - a world of creative options

The lenses you already own and trust. The optical elements and coatings that render every nuance of every scene. The systems made famous by generations of the world’s finest still photographers. All coming together in Cinema EOS to give professionals every opportunity to leave no story untold.

The compatibility of Canon EF lenses with the EF mount of the EOS C300 not only gives the Cinema EOS system access to the finest optics on the market, it also opens up new creative possibilities with Canon specialty lenses – including Tilt-Shift, Macro and Canon’s amazing EF 8–15mm f/4L Fisheye USM zoom lens.