Mark Horsburgh gives the 7D Mark II a run in Queenstown

Sports photographer Mark Horsburgh traveled to Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand to test the 7D Mark II.

What better place for me to put it though its paces than where I'm most at home: at a motorsport track.

With 65 auto-focus points the 7D Mark II is super impressive. I couldn't ask for more. It doesn't matter where I put the focus point in the viewfinder, it tracks the car beautifully. The other great feature is 10 frames a second so if something happens in front of you, you know the camera's going to catch every bit of it. And it shoots video at up to 60 frames a second with clean HDMI output. It's amazing!
The 7D Mark II is amazing. I love it, especially for the following three reasons:

1. It is perfect for all weather

In a place like Queenstown the weather's always changing, but with the 7D Mark II and its all-magnesium body and weatherproof sealing, I am ready for whatever the weather can throw at me.

2. It tracks your location

Next time I come to Queenstown, I'll know exactly where to go to capture the same sensational location because the camera has built-in GPS so I won't have any problems finding it again.

3. It loves low light

The 7D Mark II's auto-focus works incredibly well in low light. It boasts a built-in intervalometer, which is perfect for time lapses as the sun sets over Queenstown. It's as easy as checking the focus and pushing the button.

It was an absolute privilege to be one of the first people to experience this sensational new camera.

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