• Beautiful Aerial Photography of Instagram and Facebook
Feature Image by: Harry Charters

Beautiful Aerial Photography of Instagram and Facebook

4th September 2017, 04:01pm
We've curated a stunning collection of birds-eye-view images—using the #CanonAustralia hashtag on Instagram and #CanonChallenge on Facebook—from photographers intrigued by exploring new perspectives. Next time you hear a chopper or plane overhead, just think, it could be one of these talented photographers on the hunt for their next jaw-dropping image.

The awesome designs of nature in the sands of Cape Leveque in WA's stunning northwest.

Not a drone shot, but a cliff top shot at Redhead Bluff with my EOS 6D Mark II and EF 70-200mm f/4L USM.

Family and seagulls at Mordialloc Beach.

Bird eyes view.

Looking down towards Lake Alexandria from Mt John NZ South Island.

It's been a favorite beach of mine since I was kid getting pushed into waves by the old man, to the days of after work surfs and beers down on the sand.

Off to Montreal tomorrow and looking forward to some cold weather! Aerials of some snowy mountains coming your way soon, until then here's one of my favourites from the Hutt Lagoon.

One of the beautiful turquoise lagoons spotted while flying overs Shark Bay.

The wheat harvest is particularly late this year due to all the weather. The flip side is that all this rain has made some fantastic looking crops that should yield well if they can dodge the storms.

Indecision. Camel tracks. 1685ft. Feral Camels are huge issue and are well established in Central Australia. In addition to economic and social impacts, they cause significant damage to native vegetation and wetlands and compete with native animals for food.

My neighborhood Bondi Beach.

Not a drop of water in sight  the textures and colours of the dry salt Lake Amadeus in the middle of the Red Center of Australia.

One of my favourite aerials from that time I went to Mars (Namibia).

Just taking in the views of Tasman Island from a @osbornehelitours helicopter flight.

Shooting Italy from above blew my mind today. That colour!

Chasing fog.


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  • Beautiful Aerial Photography of Instagram and Facebook