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16 Images That Could Easily Be Impressionist Paintings

20th March 2017

For this week's #CanonChallenge, Di Lymbury tasked our Facebook community to unleash their inner Monet, by painting a photograph in an impressionistic style;

Use your camera to push the boundaries and create a work of art. Try to convey the feeling of a scene. Aim for a painterly feel.

She was even kind enough to provide a few tips:

  • Throw away your tripod.
  • Slow down your shutter speed. It may be necessary to use a neutral density filter for day time shots.
  • Experiment with movement of the camera, moving the camera itself, moving the zoom lens in or out, or a combination of these.
  • Images may be done from a moving vehicle.
  • Make use of a slight camera shake  It can give a dreamy and painterly appearance.
  • Embrace the unexpected.
  • Be daring and have fun.

  • These are some of the entries that made an impression on Di:

    "Use of impressive technique to create pure impressionism. Everything in the image is merely a suggestion, yet from a quick glance and your first impression, the story is clear. Muted tones add to the early morning atmosphere. The delightful S-shaped path leads the eye into the image giving a pleasing sense of depth. A beautifully composed image that fits the brief perfectly."

    "A delightful, soft, gentle, misty field of pink reminiscent of Monet’s garden. A balanced composition that captures breathtaking light."

    "I have fallen for these striking autumn tones and the zoom effect creates leading lines that funnel our attention to the stunningly marked leaf in the heart of the image. It also cleverly gives the sensation of falling."

    "The strong lines of the curling wave are a feature in this image as are the softening hint of dawn hues playing across the surface of the wave. This evocative image takes us there, right inside, where you can sense the raw power of the ocean."

    "Strikingly warm tones and a definite painterly feel. The fact that it is a plant , even if you are not familiar with red flax, is obvious. A sense of gentle movement is also suggested in this tranquil image, a delightful impressionistic piece."

    "This certainly has a painterly, impressionistic feel. The dusk light captured over the city lit up with neon lights makes the city glow and the image pulsates with the energy of a busy metropolitan nightlife. The distant sky and mountains have a peaceful water colour appearance and form a soft contrasting backdrop to the harshness of the city."

    "A masterly effort to ensure the waves have the appearance of being placed there with the stroke of a paint brush. I particularly like the playful wave breaking at the foot of the lighthouse. Aesthetically pleasing and a clever work of art!"

    "This has shades of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” so was hard to resist. There seems to be an echo in this one which is somewhat unexpected. An intriguing and artistic image., seemingly made up of a montage of images."

    "A dreamy ocean shot with an unexpected, dramatic contrast between the surfer silhouette and the soft, smooth, sensual, reflective tones of the waves, so brilliantly captured."

    "A very clever adaptation of zooming out to create this stunning and unusual fireworks display lighting up the city nightscape. Detail of the city below is suggested rather than focused on. With an emphasis on the shape of the mountain flower, all lines lead to this central, focal point, thus highlighting a totally unexpected aesthetically pleasing pattern."

    "A slight slowing of the shutter speed has emphasised the movement of this surfer poised on the tip of this breaking wave.The golden lights on the wave add a warmth to the scene and I particularly like the way the surfer blends into the wave, moving as one."

    "Very simple lines with a definite impressionistic feel. While nothing is in focus, the richness of colours and clean lines clearly identify the subject as a tall stand of gums, readily recognised by most Australians. Colour plays a huge part in this image."

    "I really like the simplicity of this black and white shot. There is a wonderful atmosphere. You can almost hear the wind roaring."

    "Wow! Such a painterly feel to this marvellous image! There are two juxtaposed halves to this image: a light, airy impression of a station platform to the left and a dark, brooding train zooming by, passenger on board, deep in thought. The passenger is looking perhaps a little wistful and the image leaves me with a real sense of longing."

    "This dramatic shot leaves me with a definite sense of foreboding. It’s as if these people are crying out to be released from their prison while we, the viewers, rush away. A clever choice of subject and use of the zoom technique to create a brilliant story line."

    Check out all the entries here.

    Banner image by Di Lymbury.

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