Feature Image by: Ben Wawn

Focus Your Eyes On 11 Unique Landscape Shots

6th March 2017

This week for our #CanonChallenge, community member Ben Wawn dared to do landscapes a little differently. His challenge was 'Zoom landscapes' ­­­ — a technique which focuses on a small part of a larger image. ­

Take a peek at some of Ben's favourite shots below:

"I quite like how the waterfall has been framed by its vibrant surrounds and the effect that the long exposure has had on the water."
"Love the composition and unique creativity!"
"Well executed image and matches the #CanonChallenge brief very well."
"Well framed and has a great sense of depth to it."
"The low aperture and warm tones of this image are quite captivating. The water dripping off the leaves just makes this image complete."
"Amazing soft tones and sharp crisp subject - a well composed and balanced image."
"The colours and matte finish of this shot look fantastic."
"This has a great country vibe to it. Being above the morning fog is truly magical."
"A very creative and unique method that has paid off quite well. I think it suits the image very nicely."
"This shot makes me feel as if I was there it has a wonderful feel to the image."
"This is probably my favourite of the lot. It hasn't been overdone and the composition is fantastic!"

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Header image by Ben Wawn.

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