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No One Sees It Like: Photographer Mitch Pearson-Goff

Mitch Pearson-Goff has always had a deep passion for photography, travel and the great outdoors. Growing up in Hobart, he developed an appreciation of the beauty of Tasmania from a young age, and found himself naturally drawn to landscape photography.

But it wasn’t until a 2007 trip to Canada, with its spectacular, rugged landscape, that Mitch was inspired to buy his first camera—his very first digital SLR was the Canon 400D.

Image of photographer Mike Pearson-Goff shooting through camera

At first, Mitch took photos of ‘everything’ and while he admits he wasn’t knowledgeable about composition or exposure, he just loved the process of taking photos. 

“But, since I bought my first camera, I found I was shooting less and less. I was getting busier and busier and stopped doing what I loved most. I went through a four-year period when I was hardly shooting. I felt there was something missing from my life,” Mitch says.

 “A year ago, I decided to re-discover my passion for photography.”

The experiences I’ve had in the last 12 months have solidified my passion for landscape photography. The Canon community has definitely assisted with this journey.”

Slow shutter image water on rocks by photographer Mike Pearson-Coff

For Mitch, photography had always been a solitary pursuit. But, when a photographer friend recommended Mitch take part in the Canon Collective, he decided to follow her advice. 

From that moment on, Mitch’s journey in photography evolved in ways he couldn’t imagine. His days of solitude as a photographer were a thing of the past.

“The Canon community allowed me to embrace the social aspect of photography and meet like-minded, passionate and creative people who enjoy photography as much as I do. It is a great community to further develop as a photographer,” Mitch explains.

Image of rock pool by photographer Mitch Pearson-Goff

Mitch’s first and most memorable Canon experience was at Port Stephens, NSW, where he enjoyed multiple workshops and the opportunity to shoot sunrise, sunset, astrophotography. He was delighted to experiment with a genre he had never tried before, and he realised how much he loved it.

“One key part of the weekend was being surrounded by other passionate, enthusiastic photographers and having the ambassadors there, always willing to teach you and show you how you can improve your photography. I got a lot out of it and, from that point on, I wanted to keep attending the Canon events.“

Image of rock pool by photographer Mitch Pearson-Goff

Yet the experience of Canon, Mitch valued the most was simply being around other passionate photographers, and the opportunity to break away from his usual experience as a ‘solo photographer.’ 

“Being introduced to the Canon Collective and meeting other photographers made me realise I enjoy shooting with people.” 

“I’ve made a lot of new friends. We’ve all got that one thing that binds us, our love of photography, and now I get a lot out of shooting with others,” Mitch reveals.

Mitch says his greatest passion in photography will always be for the natural environment: from the Northern Lights dancing in the night sky overhead, a raging swell being illuminated by the morning sun, or deep valleys and high mountains that make you feel small.

When it comes to choosing a photograph he’s most proud of, Mitch was quick to nominate this beautiful image from a recent camping trip in Iceland.

Image of Northern lights taken by photographer Mitch Pearson Coff

While camping in an area outside of Reykjavik, he was treated to one of the most incredible displays of natural beauty he’s ever witnessed.  

“Being in a place like Iceland has a deeply moving impact that this image—nor any words—can ever truly describe.”

“The landscape is beyond dramatic, and ever-changing. Photographing the Northern Lights was on the top of my list for Iceland and, after the very first night, I knew I’d never be able to forget the place,” Mitch remembers.

“From cloud-filled valleys with volcanoes in the distance, to lava fields to glaciers and even stunning coastal vistas, that place is truly spectacular.”

Another photography highlight for Mitch was being one of the two photographers who won the opportunity to take part in the 24-Hour Canon Challenge

Two photographers (Mitch and Russell Charters) were selected to receive one secret brief, a car each, a special Canon kit and 24 hours to shoot. It was the first time Mitch’s had to tell a story within four images.

After a hectic 24 hours of shooting and printing, the four chosen prints were hung on the walls at Canon HQ in Sydney where judges—Abraham Joffe and Georges Antoni—were left to make their decision.

 “It was very challenging but it’s also very rewarding and it’s changed my thinking about traditional landscape photography—it was a phenomenal 24 hours,” Mitch says.

We’ll let you watch the short film to see who won. But, needless to say, the experience has pushed Mitch to believe in himself and continually challenge his way of thinking about his craft. 

Check out more of Mitch’s work on his website and on Instagram.

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