Conceptual Realism

This brief asks for lifestyle imagery that feels authentic and real but comes with a highly conceptual storyline and a well-considered shooting/post production style. It draws from the 2018 trend of the same name, Conceptual Realism.

Clients are always in need of imagery of banal everyday activities, like commuters running down the street for a bus, or couples and families enjoying an afternoon in the park.   

But there is a growing need within this space to create imagery that is quirky and conceptual. How can these everyday scenes be shot in a way that uses current technology, colour, lighting and space to bring out the real story within the image? In an age where anybody can pick up a camera and take a photo, this brief is about setting yourself apart from the crowd. We want our Canon contributors to create visuals that are heavily staged and considered, yet still feel relatable and authentic.

Check out this mood board for inspiration.

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