Repicturing Gender

This brief aims to smash gender stereotypes that permeate throughout stock photography. When it comes to portraying women, think about empowerment: in work, education, exercise and travel. Create images where women are leaders and in control, or in typically masculine work environments.

Think all body shapes and ages, and aim to reflect our wonderful Australian female diversity in all its realness.   

For men, it’s time to discard dull, destructive male stereotypes. Let’s swap competitiveness for community, silence for support, and let’s make room for vulnerability and diversity. Think about images of men as single dads, as shoppers, as caregivers; think about wellbeing and the changing definitions of what it means to be a man in a modern Australia. We also recognise that not everyone defines themselves by a specific gender, and it is important to see gender fluidity represented in modern stock imagery, alongside re-pictured definitions of gender.

Check out this mood board for inspiration.

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