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30 ways to stretch your creativity

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How to take the LEAP!

You can answer as many briefs as you want, whenever you want. Wait for a weekend, or shoot every single day - it’s up to you. When you’ve completed them all, look back at the shots you’ve taken and see just how far you’ve pushed your own creativity.

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    Take a brief

    Pick a brief you’d like to take on.

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    Take a shot

    Use the brief as inspiration to create a unique image. 

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    Share what you create

    Post your creation to Instagram with #30daysofleap and the brief hashtag.

30 days to challenge your imagination
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is LEAP?

    LEAP is a 30 day photography challenge that’s designed to help photographers of all levels stretch their creativity. For each day for the month of September there will be a new brief, and a new chance to create an image that’s unlike anything you’ve shot before.
  • Why LEAP?

    One of the best ways to get better at photography is simply to go out and do it. But sometimes we all need a bit of a nudge, or something to aim for. Our hope is that anyone who joins us for LEAP this September will look back at the end of the month and see a big change in their photography. We also hope they get inspired by other people’s interpretations of the briefs, and have a lot of fun pushing their creative boundaries!
  • Is LEAP a competition?

    No. The only competition you’ll have in LEAP is with yourself. LEAP isn’t about how good your image is compared to someone else’s. It’s about experimenting, stretching your imagination and challenging yourself.
  • OK, so how technical will the LEAP briefs be?

    The LEAP briefs have been written to be creative prompts, not technical challenges. They’re designed to be open to interpretation, and written to open up opportunities rather than limit them. If you find the briefs are getting you to ponder an image that you might not have thought of otherwise, then they’re doing their job!
  • Do I have to answer every Brief?

    No, but we’d encourage you to take on as many as you can across September. The point of LEAP is to make a noticeable change to your creative photography, and the more briefs you answer, the bigger that change will be.
  • OK, I’ve taken a LEAP photo. What now?

    Upload your photo to Instagram with two hashtags: #30daysofleap and the hashtag name of the brief you’ve just answered. So if your brief is Find a New Angle, you’d add: #30daysofleap #findanewangle. You can see the hashtags as you hover across each brief.

    Remember, if your Instagram is set to private, we (and the wider public) won’t be able to see the images you’ve created in answer to the briefs.
  • Why share my photos?

    Of course, sharing your images is optional, but we think it’s a brilliant way to give and get inspiration. Remember, if someone’s stuck on a brief, seeing your shot may help them break their creative deadlock! Seeing your images might even help someone decide to have a go at LEAP for themselves.

    Also, remember LEAP is all about experimentation, not perfect photos. So don’t wait until your images are “just right” before sharing them. 
  • Will my photos get featured?

    Over the course of the month, we’ll be featuring some of the most fascinating and exciting answers to each brief here at canon.com.au/leap and on our Instagram @leapmode. So don’t forget to check back regularly and see how the rest of the community is answering the briefs.
  • I’m late to LEAP. Can I still get involved?

    Sure! You can either jump in with today’s brief, or try one of the briefs from the calendar. There’s no cut-off day for each brief, so you can join in straight away.
  • Is LEAP only for people who own Canon cameras?

    No. We think LEAP is an opportunity that should be open to everyone. So anyone can get involved, regardless of what kind of camera they own.
  • How to get involved in LEAPmeets?

    There will be regular LEAPmeets around Australia, be sure to register your email details so we can notify you when a LEAPmeet is happening in your state.