Realise a career in film-making or photography

Kickstart your future in this three-month mentorship with access to professional content creators who will guide all applicants. In this program you will tackle creative briefs, build your first body of work and discover how to get started in the creative industries with group learning, and support of other Red Straps recruits. You could be selected as a cadet to have further one on one mentoring.

Red Straps is back for 2020

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  • What is Red Straps?

    The Red Straps program is a three-month youth mentoring initiative to help young hobbyist photographers and filmmakers realize a future career, and take the first steps along their own creative journey. Created to inspire, collaborate and creatively challenge selected recruits, the Red Straps program includes online classes with young professionals, regular creative briefs to help you develop your first body of work.
  • Why is Canon doing this?

    We know that what our products can achieve isn’t defined by us. It’s defined by the people that use them, and the next waves of creative talent are creating every single day. We want to help enable those most passionate to make imaging their career, and connect them with young professionals making national and international impact with their content. We are about supporting the future of the industry, and helping to build a community of creators made stronger by connection.
  • When is the cut off for applications?

    Free to join until 3rd August 2020. The first module will go live on 7 August, 2020.

  • What is the criteria for selection?

    All applicant between the ages of 16 and 24 years of age with a passion for great imagery, whether stills or motion, professional camera or smartphone. They will have an interest in a future career in the creative industries, and an enthusiasm to improve their photography or filmmaking, eager to learn from young professionals.

  • How will I be mentored?

    Mentoring will be provided in video format within the private Red Straps Facebook group. Once all six modules have been delivered by the mentors, and the six briefs have been completed by participants, 8-13 people will be selected for one-on-one online mentoring for a further three weeks.

  • What if I’m already a professional photographer?

    If you’re already a professional photographer, generating an income from your craft, then this is not the right program for you. This program is for young hobbyist, likely under the age of 21, with a passion for photography or filmmaking but unsure about the next steps to make it a career.
  • How do I apply?

    Simply click join now.

    Send us an email for any enquiries.

  • Can others follow our progress during the program?

    Progress will only be shared within the Red Straps group, but we welcome recruits to share their assignments, progress and challenges with their own networks.

  • What age do I need to be to apply?

    You will need to be between the ages of 16-24 to apply.
  • Do I have to own a Canon camera?

    No, you can use any image capture device.

  • Is Red Straps a competition?

    No. The only competition you’ll have in Red Straps is with yourself. Red Straps isn’t about how good your image is compared to someone else’s. It’s about experimenting, stretching your imagination and challenging yourself, collaborating with other young creators and building your first Body of Work.
  • I’m not based in Australia, can I still enter?

    Unfortunately, this program is for Australian residents only.