Feature Image by: Antje Worledge

No One Sees It Like: Antje Worledge

Antje is a passionate photographer based in Tasmania. In this interview, we discover how she sees the world.

Describe yourself in 300 words or less.

My name’s Antje Worledge, I live in Hobart Tasmania and I’ve been a photographic enthusiast forever—since I can remember. I spend part of my week working at a branch of LINC Tasmania, where I’m a Library Technician. 

My major hobby is photography, but I also like travelling, reading and wine. I’ve been a member of the Hobart Photographic Society for a couple of years and I’m currently responsible for their monthly newsletter.

The types of photography I am into include; landscapes, macro, auroras, night skies, and a few other things—except portraits (sorry!). 

I’m lucky to live where I do, with great view of Hobart, Mount Wellington (Kunanyi) and the Derwent River. The whole of Tasmania has an abundance of rich pickings for a photographer, with beautiful natural environments and fascinating places.

Antje Worledg 

How did you get involved in photography?

My parents gave me my first camera on my eighth birthday—back in the days of film. I pretty much always had a camera, but gave up on photography for a few years. I got back into it about three years ago—how good is digital??!!

Where do you find inspiration to fuel your creativity?

For me it’s all about getting off the couch and just getting out there. I’m really lucky to live in Tassie, there’s such an abundance of opportunities for someone who’s into photography. You don’t have to travel great distances to find a fantastic spot with very few—if any—people.

Tell us about one of the most meaningful images you’ve captured.

I’m not really sure how to answer this question so I asked some people that know my photography, and they were absolutely no help! Without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet, I have captured nice images and interesting images, with varying degrees of difficulty. Meaningful is yet to happen, although I do have an idea in mind…

Antje Worledg 

Finish this sentence: The most useful piece of photography advice I've ever received is...

The Tassie photography community is pretty amazing; it’s filled with incredibly talented people who are only too willing to help out and share knowledge. So I’ve been incredibly lucky and learned so much. Earlier this year I was on the official photography team for the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, and this is where I got the most useful piece of advice from the boss of the photographers. His words were…’go out there and have fun. If you’re having fun everything else will flow’, and as much as he will say ‘I told you so’, he was absolutely right!

What are your goals this year? 

This year we have a few trips planned to mainland Australia. Places like North Queensland and the Flinders Ranges are on the list. Also, I want to spend some time photographing Tasmania’s native orchids, now that I know how to focus stack!

You can explore more of Antje’s work here.

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