Connections to the land captured through imagery

13th February 2017

We're blessed to have such talented photographers in our community who regularly blow us away with their images, creativity and ideas. Case in point – Serena Ho.

Serena's a passionate photographer who spends her spare time teaching others how to capture images of the landscape around them.

"The pleasure of emotional connection with both people and the land allows me to appreciate and document each unique story from the ground up." 

Recently we asked Serena to create her own #CanonChallenge, and she delivered the goods.

"The focus of my photography is very much about my relationship with the land, so I think the perfect challenge would be for everyone to come up with an image that tells the story of their connection with their own special place." 

Below is a collection of Serena's personal favourites from what was submitted. 

"The ever-elusive Aurora Australis is quite difficult to capture but for those who are dedicated to the long wait, it is one of the most beautiful things to witness in nature. This photo showcases the magic of not only the southern lights, but the Milky Way and the Magellanic Clouds – two irregular dwarf galaxies which are only visible in the southern hemisphere. All of these elements combined communicate the importance of Nick's small place within the awe-inspiring expansiveness of this world."


"Anyone who has ever lived in Melbourne will have an instant connection with this photo. Black and white enhances the quietness and stillness of this laneway, whilst the movement of the people passing through creates a sense of briskness. This image transports you into Suzzanna's eyes and her connection with the undulating atmosphere of the city laid bare."


"There is something powerful about where the ocean meets the land. The movement in the water sweeping onto the hard rocks in this image is a great example of this photographer's desire to balance the elements in his day to day life. Although the tide is coming in, it will go out again and with that is the opportunity to escape. This is a wonderful example of Timmy's connection with the world around him."



"Macro photography is the perfect way to capture the small, beautiful moments in nature. The softness of the colours in this photo encourages the viewer to breathe and take in the peacefulness of the scene. Although our lives may be busy, this photo is a lovely example of the quiet repose offered by the land around us. Meanwhile, the graceful light of the sun offers a resplendent glimpse of Deonne's personal sanctuary within the land."


“This black and white photo is atmospheric and evocative, highlighting the fine line between life and death within the landscape - a necessary cycle that reflects the joy, passion and sorrow experienced by Deon and his connection with the land.”


"Infrared photography allows the artist to create surreal scenes. In this photo, the use of infrared enhances the feeling of starkness, while the juxtaposition of white and blue immerses the viewer within the artist's imaginative and fascinating perspective of their own special place in the world."

Don't forget to get involved in our weekly #CanonChallenge every Wednesday.

Above image by Serena Ho
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