Feature Image by: Daniel Tran

Silence in the Cathedral of Light at Vivid Sydney

2nd January 2017

I captured this photograph during Vivid Sydney 2016, and it remains as one of my favourite images that I’ve taken at Vivid. The light installation in it was called the Cathedral of Light.

When I first saw it, I had an idea of the image that I wanted to create: the light tunnel with only one person standing in it.

I thought having a crowd of people in the shot would make the image appear too busy, so I wanted to simplify things.

On a typical night during Vivid the Cathedral of Light was crowded with people walking through it trying to capture their own images. So you can imagine, creating the image without anybody else in the frame was extremely difficult. It was hard enough just making it through the tunnel without getting in anybody’s way, let alone capturing your own image.

Daniel Tran Behind the Image

A few nights into Vivid, I met up with a group of photographers to shoot some of the installations. We decided to go check out the Cathedral of Light, and luckily there were only a handful of people enjoying the light installation in the rain. As I walked through it, I noticed a few puddles—created earlier from the heavy rain—which reflected the lights of the tunnel from the pavement.

I set up my shot with a puddle directly in front of my lens and positioned my camera close to the ground—so close it was practically in the puddle. Before taking the image, I eagerly waited for the rain to become lighter, so that the falling raindrops wouldn’t ruin the reflection.

By the end of the shoot I was completely soaked—along with my camera—but I was able to capture the image I envisioned. You really can create images despite bad weather.

Daniel Tran - Behind the Image

Image and story by Daniel Tran.
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