DIY Bedroom Wall Art Made Simple

Your bedroom is a great place to add a hero print, and above your bed is some good real estate to hang something that can set the tone for the decor and feel of the room.

Here are two great and simple ideas to create an eye catching and stylish display.  All you need is your photo and to jump on to Canon's online print store Photopico to select your size and medium in which to have the art work printed and created — super easy!

three images printed using Photo Pico

Here are two ideas to get you started: 

  1. Print your image HUGE, we printed this beautiful print out on a super large art canvas (no framing required) — create this online in a few easy steps and have it sent straight to you, bigger is always better with prints and this creates a feature wall, almost like a bed head — sweet dreams are guaranteed.
  2. Why not print one image across three different frames, with some easy formatting you can create a series of print that make up the image, this winter scene was selected for its serenity printed on acrylic they come with mounts ready to hang — printing this way makes for a unique style and for something a little different.

large canvas print of a bee on flower above bed

When hanging art on the wall I always recommend that bigger is better. There’s nothing worse than a tiny single print on a big wall, and the trick is to fill up the space. Above a master bed is a perfect spot to create a focal point.

Styling and words by Jason Grant

Photography by Jacqui Turk

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