Feature Image by: Irene Manion

Become a Better Photographer

21st September 2017
One of the best ways to get better at photography is simply to go out and do it more. You know what they say, ‘practice makes perfect!’

But, sometimes you need a bit of a nudge, or something to aim for — some inspiration. 

This is where LEAP comes in. LEAP is our 30-day photography challenge, designed to help photographers of all levels stretch their creativity. With each new day, comes a new creative brief. There’s still time to get involved!

We’re quietly confident that anyone who takes part in LEAP will look back at the end of the 30 days and see a big improvement in the photographs they shoot. We’re also hoping they get inspired by other people’s interpretations of the briefs, and have a lot of fun pushing their creative boundaries!

Before you start comparing yourself to other people or feeling intimidated, let us assure you this isn’t a competition. The only competition you’ll have in LEAP is with yourself. 

Now, let us introduce you to the briefs that have been released so far, and some of the creative inspiration we’ve stumbled across. 

I love how they took full grasp of the brief here. Showcasing the play element with the piano and simplicity of the lines in keys.

Beau Weti, LEAP Ambassador

This image really caught my eye cause its exactly what the brief described. From the bird (strange) to the coulours and the bokeh.

Beau Weti, LEAP Ambassador

I chose this image by @kxxgvn.eric for it’s striking composition and use of shape and line. The most compelling part of the photograph are the elongated shadows, which really come alive from this high vantage point. An excellent interpretation of ‘Looking Down’.

Jarrad Seng, LEAP Ambassador

I loved Sally’s interpretation of this brief and her unique take on an extensively photographed icon. The idea of an image being revealed through reading between the gaps, or ‘dots’, is a fantastic one to play with.

Jarrad Seng, LEAP Ambassador

Why not share your creativity?

If you want to share your images with a group of like-minded people, upload them to Instagram and hashtag the name of the brief (eg. #breaktherules) and #30daysofleap.
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