Turn your photos into the perfect book of souvenirs

6th April 2019

Home stylist Jason Grant reveals how to easily create souvenirs of weddings, holidays, your kids, other special occasions or even just life with PhotoPico.

A photo book is a special document like a time capsule.

I made this photobook of my Boston terrier, Bondi Beach and Byron Bay (my two favourite places) online on PhotoPico and if I can do it, so can you!

There's just six simple steps to follow and then voila, you'll have a perfect coffee table book of favourite memories.

Here is my step by step of how to make your own:

  1. Log on to PhotoPico – the easiest part right!
  2. Select photo books in the menu.
  3. Download the design tools.
  4. Select start and then your chosen size and look of your book.
  5. Start laying out – the design tool allows you to easily add, upload and place your own photos in your book. Play around with this for awhile until you get the hang of it – if like me it takes a few minutes but once you get the hang of it its actually really easy – it just takes a little patience.
  6. Save – once your book layout is complete, hit save and order your project and it will be sent to you in approximately seven working days.

I chose a square book as it fit with my images beautifully. It's now on my coffee table ready for anyone to flick through.

Jacqui Turk
Jacqui Turk
Jacqui Turk
Jacqui Turk
Jacqui Turk


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