Show Us What's Possible

12th January 2017

Canon will be supporting a series of personal projects from Australia and New Zealand’s professional communities with funding, equipment, technical support and promotion.

"We want to support remarkable projects that show what our products are capable of."

Show Us Whats Possible

We are looking for personal projects that are truly remarkable; the kind of ideas that will set a new benchmark for your peers and help them see what our products are capable of in a whole new light. So if you’re a professional photographer, cinematographer, creative or artist, and have a personal project you’ve dreamt about bringing to life, now could be the time to make it happen.

Please note: We will respond as quickly as possible, but we do need quite a bit of lead time to organise support for approved submissions. A few projects we would love to have worked with had less than 30 days lead time to get equipment sorted. We don’t always have the gear at hand so quickly as it’s very popular!

2018 Submissions NOW OPEN.

Download the submission form here.
Submit your completed form to:

Because no matter how much we believe in our products, it’s only through people like you that we get to see what they are truly capable of.

Let us answer any questions you may have
  • Why is Canon doing this?

    We know that what our products can achieve isn’t defined by us. It’s defined by the people that use them.

    So we want to partner with the industry’s most creative individuals and support those remarkable projects that redefine the way we at Canon, see our products.

  • Who can submit an idea?

    Professional image makers who use Canon products – photographers, cinematographers, creatives, artists.

    You must be an Australian or New Zealand permanent resident or citizen and either own an imaging business with a valid ABN/NZBN or work full-time in an imaging business as a paid, professional creative. 

  • Why is this only open to Pros?

    We appreciate that the day to day challenges of being a pro, can mean that many creative ambitions, desires and ideas get parked. Maybe forever.

    We’re hoping to rediscover some of those dreams or find new ones, and celebrate the hard work and skills of the professional imaging community.

  • What type of support will Canon provide?

    Canon’s support will vary, depending on the project. It could range from funding to help create part of the project (eg talent, props, location, travel, editing), to supplying or loaning gear, to technical support from Canon’s pro imaging team.

    Canon may also provide support to promote your project, which could range from producing a piece of filmed content, to a gallery, or experience event or a news story. It will depend on the project, what you’d like to achieve and where there is extra value to team up.
  • When is the cut off for submissions?

    It’s not a competition, so there is no end date. 

    The sooner you can get in contact, the sooner we can see how we can partner together.
  • How many ideas can I submit?

    As many as you want. Just remember, we’re looking for ideas that redefine what we think our products can do.
  • Which Canon products do I need to use?

    It doesn’t matter, as long as you use a Canon product in some way to create something remarkable. 

    Although most people think of cameras when they think of Canon, we’d love to see projects which push any of the Canon portfolio - printers, projectors, binoculars, Cinema EOS, Speedlites plus the rest.

  • What if I’ve already completed the project?

    We’d still love to hear about it. We want to celebrate remarkable projects that change the way we see our products (completed or to be completed). 
  • How do I submit?

    Download the submission form here.
    Submit your completed form to
  • Does it matter if it’s a personal or commercial project?

    Not at all. For commercial projects, we’d need authorisation to partner with any relevant third parties before commencing any arrangements.
  • Who will my idea be shared with?

    Only with employees of Canon Australia involved in the project.

    Of course, if we decide to partner together, we’ll be in touch to discuss the ins and outs of how to work together.