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Open your senses. Reveal the surprising. Bring your curiosity, and uncover a world more extraordinary.
We're all born curious.

But over time, the way we think and see becomes limited. So we sent three uncurious travellers to all corners of the globe, to discover how unlocking your curiosity can change your way of life.

  • Portrait image of Irene behind bottles

    Irene's journey back to Greece

    Discover what curiosity uncovered for grandmother Irene, when she went back to Greece for the first time in over 60 years.

  • Angela with umbrella on streets of Korea

    Angela's reawakening in Korea

    Discover how curiosity transformed Angela's experience of Korea, changing how she sees the world, and her everyday life.

  • Landscape image of mountains

    Peter's life-changing trip to Ethiopia

    Peter was given the chance to open up his world by Canon, with camera in hand he was taken to Ethiopia to reignite his curiosity, with profound results.

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