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We don't want to make you choose between shooting photos and creating videos, that's why Canon's versatility of DSLR and mirrorless cameras make it easy to capture your life in both. Dive into video mode and bring your travels, stories, thoughts and ideas to life in motion.

Get Started With This Tutorial Series
  • Setting Up Your Canon Camera for Video Shooting with Neal Walters

    How to Set Up Your Camera for Video Shooting

    Learn how to set up your camera for video shooting with tips from Neal Walters.

  • Tips for Shooting Video in Natural Light

    8 Tips for Shooting Video in Natural Light

    Learn how to shoot better videos using only natural light with this detailed video guide from Neal Walters.

  • Neal Walters, Canon Collective Ambassador

    How to Shoot Your First Timelapse Video

    Learn how to create pro-looking timelapse sequences with this simple video tutorial by Neal Walters.

  • Learn how to shoot 4K Videos with Neal Walters

    An Introduction to Shooting 4K Video

    Learn how to shoot video in 4K with this step-by-step guide from Neal Walters.

  • Neal Walters Video Series: Lenses and Accessories

    Best Camera Lenses and Accessories for Shooting Video

    Discover what lenses and accessories you need to start shooting better video footage with this guide by Neal Walters.

  • How to edit Videos with Neal Walters

    How To Edit Video For Beginners

    In this step-by-step video tutorial, discover a helpful introduction to editing video.

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Some of the most memorable moments in life are in motion. Savor these memories with an interchangeable lens camera in hand.