How to plan for your digital transformation journey (webinar)

29th June 2016, 09:24pm
Technology is a great enabler for small business, but planning is key to survival.

Automation, digitisation and mobility solutions can help a business to streamline their working processes and operate more efficiently for greater competitive advantage.

But for businesses that have yet to fully embrace digital, implementing these technologies can seem like a substantial challenge. How do you overcome the barriers to technology adoption in a small business to operate more effectively?

The answer lies in planning – it’s essential to have a strategy for survival in an increasingly digital world.

In a new SmartCompany webinar, Adam Dodds of IDC and Jeff Peake of Canon will lead you through the process of preparing your business for digital transformation.

Learn how to:

- Assess your organisation’s digital maturity
- Define a clear vision for your technological evolution
- Identify barriers to tech maturity
- Find the parts of your business that will benefit most from digital transformation
- Take the first steps to becoming more digitally capable.

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