Transform the way you work: How IT pros can lead the change (webinar)

17th June 2016, 07:30am
The way we work is ever changing, and IT pros are finding themselves responsible for more and more as the go to for all things tech in their organisation.

Listen to a panellist of experts talk through practical examples of challenges and solutions when it comes to digital transformation. Find out how Frankston Toyota has been able to effectively tackle these challenges, digitally transform themselves, and achieve greater customer service through Canon’s Therefore Information Management solution.

Learn about:

- What the research is saying about how organisations like yours are changing the way they work
- Problems and solutions faced by other IT pros
- Insight into the buying trends and concerns of other organisations.
Panellists include:

- Adam Dodds, Research Director for IT Services at IDC
- Andres Gatto, Digital Transformation Consultant at Canon
- Richard Rhodes, Head of ICT at Frankston Toyota.

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