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5 Creative Ways To Use The Inspic S

Hands up if you’ve ever been on a trip of a lifetime, promised yourself you’d create a killer photo album, only to return home and never print a single photo? Guilty!

As a professional photographer and travel enthusiast, I am the shameful owner of a mountain of photos cluttering up my phone or hanging out in a cloud somewhere getting very little love. Enter Canon's new Inspic instant camera. A new and fun way to show off your happy snaps!

There’s a lot to love about this versatile little camera. Unlike the chunky old polaroid, this camera is slim, sophisticated, pocket sized and super lightweight. Not only can you snap, capture and print in real time but you can wirelessly connect the Inspic S to your phone to print all those mounting memories from previous adventures you’ve been meaning to. (Making the good ole polaroid even more inferior).

With so many amazing features, here are my top 5 uses for Canon's Inspic S to get you started.

1. Never Miss a Moment with On the Go Travel Journaling

It’s the ideal little travel companion. Not only is the camera light-weight and pocket-sized, but the rechargeable lithium battery and auto power off function means you won't run out of battery when you need it the most.

As a travelling photographer, I know all too well the struggle of lugging heavy camera gear, but with the Inspic camera you can stick the prints straight into your travel journal (while the adventures are fresh) to later jog your memory when expanding on the stories that accompany the photos — the perfect creative time passer on planes and bus rides!

Inspic S for travel journaling

2. Create a Wall Gallery Collage

What better way to keep your favourite memories top of mind than having them right in front of you? The Inspic S has been designed for the selfie lover. Bid unflattering shadows farewell with the inbuilt ring light and large round selfie mirror with a framing guide and put your best face forward! Snap the perfect selfie and get creative with your Inspic photos by creating a wall gallery. You can peg ‘em, stick ‘em or even frame ‘em. Now it's easier than ever to see your favourite people and places hanging around you in your nest.

Inspic S for a wall gallery collage

3. Be a Visual Storyteller Through Scrapbooking

As a hopeless sentimentalist, scrolling through photos on a phone just doesn't cut it anymore. If you're a tactile person like me you’ll love feeling the printed paper in your hands. Whether you’re creating a travel journal, mood board or a scrapbook of your adventures, the Inspic is sure to be your new best friend. Plus, zero ink required! The photos are printed on ZINK™ Photo Paper which you can stick onto your surface of choice. Say goodbye to messy glue or sticky tape, this marvelous printing camera’s got you covered.

Inspic S for scrapbooking

4. Organisation

Let’s clear your space and mind of clutter with some home organisation. The small sized photo options (2x3” or 2x2”) allows you to create beautiful labels to stick on boxes and items around your home. Snap, print and label your shoes, jewellery or stationary. Who says labelling has to be boring?

Inspic S for home organisation

5. Make your Mark. Leave Love Notes Wherever You Go

Surprise and delight someone special today with personalised love notes. The Inspic gives you the option to print borderless or framed photos with message writing space. Plus, in addition to printing as a single 2x3" photo, you can also combine some of your photos to print larger images using the tile print feature in the Canon Mini Print App.

Inspic S for leaving notes

Bonus: Creating Memories Together

Whether it's a birthday, a party or you're just hanging with your friends, everyone loves a good ole' photo op. Once again, the peel-back paper means easy sticking into guest books, plus you can use the 'Reprint' button on the Inspic S and Inspic C to print more than one copy of the previous photo snapped. No more debates over who gets to keep the one and only copy. Crisis averted folks!

With reprint button for Inspic S and Inspic C

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Article written by photographer Gemma Peanut.