The easy way to learn and share

Simply start writing with a dry-erase marker, and all anyone invited to the session can see what you write, erase and scribble on your SMART kapp® - from wherever they are, worldwide. Save notes to your phone, tablet and PC with a tap, then erase and repeat. This is your whiteboard and personal organiser in one.

  • Sharing has never been easier

    The kapp app turns your phone into a mobile whiteboard. Invite colleagues & students to collaborate via link or scan QR code with SMART kapp app

  • Size flexibility

    Choose from two formats - 42" portrait for small spaces and 84" landscape for larger collaborative spaces.

SMART Kapp 42
  • The scribble that's seen worldwide

    Anyone. Anywhere. Any phone, tablet or PC. Share your notes as you go with up to 250 people at once.

  • Access to free lessons icon

    Fit a library in your pocket

    Tap the camera icon on the board to save your work. The kapp app library will store and organise your notes to your phone.

  • Easy set-up

    Save time without having to read and understand complicated manuals. Simply plug it in and start writing.

  • Share on any device

    Save and organise notes - all from your device

  • Content control icon

    Save and share

    No more frantically scribbling down notes, the SMART kapp lets you email session notes as PDFs or JPEGs.

  • Your ideas are protected

    Encrypted connection protect sensitive work and prevent information from falling in the wrong hands.

SMART Kapp 42
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SMART Kapp 42
An interactive whiteboard that lets you share ideas in real time

SMART kapp® is a mobile whiteboard and personal organiser that lets you share your ideas in real time with up to 250 people around the world. Participants can easily connect into your kapp by link or QR code. Ideal for educators and business executives, you can write notes on the display then share them, and save them with a tap to your phone, tablet and PC. This affordable presentation technology for business and educational institutions can be purchased outright or with a Canon finance solution tailored to your needs. With Canon technical support on hand, it will boost productivity, encourage collaboration and generate a return on investment.

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