• Power up

    SMART Learning Suite connects students, teachers and devices by turning lessons into enriching experiences. SMART Learning Suite includes SMART Notebook®, SMART lab™, SMART response® 2 and SMART amp™.

  • Give it the Silk Touch

    Silk Touch Technology lets your fingers do the walking, gliding over the surface and providing hours of error-free use. Super accurate, natural, and responsive touch experience from corner-to-corner.

  • Natural and good looking

    The realistic digital ink improves legibility, even if you're using your finger or pen to write. When students contribute to the display, their handwriting remain uniform to the existing typeset.

  • It's all in the definition

    Sun glare ruining your lesson? Not a problem as the antiglare surface keeps your audience engaged, no matter what. Commercial-grade LED panels continue to display detailed images in HD.

  • One panel. Many hands

    With simultaneous touch points, the learning experience is natural and progressive as multiple students can use gestures, like zoom, rotate and flip, while collaborating as a team at the same time.

  • Mini PC compatibility

    Equip classrooms and collaboration environments the way you want. With multiple mounting points available for Mini PC, anything is possible.

  • Involve them, 10 at a time

    Have as many as 10 students touching the screen at the same time. Open up a broader learning experience whether it's social, collaborative learning or gamified lessons and get them engaged.

  • Size is no issue

    Available in 5 sizes to suit your classroom size. Pick from 55", 65", 70", 75" and 84" models.

Teaching made easy

The days of burnt out projector bulbs and faded images are over. Projecting your displays with the SMART 4000 Series interactive display makes show time awesome. With 50,000* hours of stunning content quality and reliable service, the SMART 4000 typically outlasts other technology lifecycles. Welcome to the new generation classroom.

  • Out with the old

    Get rid of the bulky projector and discover a more interactive classroom experience, that allows students to collaborate in a fun environment.

  • Write and repeat

    Whether PDF, PowerPoint, Excel - write on anything you display on the SMART 4000 Series and it will save your work into the same file.

SMART Panel 4000 Series