Feature Image by: Sean Izzard

Commercial Photography Masterclass

22nd June 2017, 01:09pm

Sean will guide you through the realities and challenges of working in the commercial industry including: interpreting the brief, thinking on your feet, and the most valuable technical skills to have in your repertoire to be a successful commercial photographer. He will also share his perspective on how independent projects can help creatively shape your commercial growth and vision.

Learning Outcomes

  • what makes a strong or memorable photograph?
  • what is conceptual photography?
  • how do you interpret a brief? what are you trying to communicate?
  • how do you identify an idea and how do you execute it?
  • how to problem solve and think on your feet
  • how to keep yourself inspired and relevant
  • how to be original in a time of image saturation
  • how to monitor your own career and plan your path

Sean Izzard


Sean Izzard has over 25 years experience in the photographic industry and is known for both for his artistic vision and talent for story-telling. Izzard is the co-founder of The POOL COLLECTIVE. Izzard has worked with leading agencies for global clients such as Qantas, Canon, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Levis, MasterCard and Vodafone.

He is inspired to continuously create new independent projects, which not only push Izzard to explore his craft, but also influence new ideas and approaches to his commercial work. This creative approach has translated into numerous awards nationally and internationally. He has been listed in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Advertising Photographers Worldwide every year since its inception in 2004.