Feature Image by: Damien Bredberg

Creative Composites

Dive into the surreal world of composite photography. Damien Bredberg leads this invaluable masterclass by sharing his insights for creating visually striking images.

From ideation to post-production, Damien will guide you through the art of image blending and creative storytelling. In this hands-on masterclass, you will learn how to read light, interpret perspective and merge scenes seamlessly. Damien will take you under his wing to demystify the complexities of composites. 

This will be a Photoshop intensive workshop. A free trial is available here.

Learning Outcomes
  • Learn to read light and interpret perspective
  • The art of image blending 

Damien Bredberg 

Damien Bredberg profile image

Damien Bredberg has carved out a reputation as one of Australia’s premium—and most sought after—professional photographers. Specialising in Advertising and Commercial photography, he’s been producing international award-winning images and working with brands like Lenovo, Red Bull, Mitsubishi, Ford and Hilton for years. 

Asides from his accolades and leading skills in still photography, Damien has progressed quickly and successfully, and becoming a prominent director and drone operator.

Skateboarder by Damien Bredberg

Skins ad image by Damien Bredberg

Composite image of princess running away by Damien Bredberg

Composite image of a mad scientist by Damien Bredberg

B&W composite image of bank heist by Damien Bredberg