Feature Image by: Ben Clement

Environmental Portraiture Masterclass

Unlock the secret of creating visually-striking portraits through atmospheric and environmental manipulation with Ben Clement.

Ben will help you dive into the changing landscape of portraiture photography. He will explore how personality, experience and culture of your subjects can shape how portraits are created. Learn with him as he demonstrates how movement, composition and lighting each help tell unique stories about personal progress.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover the techniques required to engage with your subjects and create deeply meaningful relationships behind the lens.

  • Demystify the complexities of effective lighting techniques.

  • Learn how to compose any scene to tell a story about the human body and soul

Ben Clement

Ben Clement is a photo artist based in Melbourne with strong ties to his homeland in Gisborne, New Zealand. Ben’s experience spans over fourteen years and his style is recognised across the globe. He believes that personality, experience and knowledge over time has helped define his unique approach and outlook to his photographic practice. 

Ben is the Co-founder of Good Sport a classic, thoughtful independent print magazine that celebrates global sporting culture. His work has been published by Bloom Publishing.
Portrait image of woman winning ribbon

portrait image of boy on speedboat

portrait image of man with purple background

portrait image of man in seat

black and white image of man in hat

portrait image of man sitting on fence by the beach

portrait image of man looking down

black and white portrait image of woman