Light Awards LIVE: Perth

Hoyts, Garden City, 14-15 April 2018

The 2018 Perth event for Canon Light Awards LIVE has come and gone — and what an event it was!

Check out the winners from each masterclass below, and to see all the submissions and honourable mentions, check out the gallery.

What participants had to say

“It was great to have our photos critiqued and judged by a renowned and award winning photographer. Everybody was very supportive and like friend. I have enjoyed photography as a hobby and enthusiast for as long as I can remember and it is a pleasure to now do this with my daughters as they grow up and attend the Light Awards together and have Demi’s photo submission come runner-up in the Portrait Masterclass.”

Joe Mammoliti, Light Awards LIVE: Perth Attendee

“My journey into hobby photography 2 years ago would have ended after a couple of months if not for events like this from Canon. What I wanted from Canon Light Awards LIVE was to have a new passion awakened and that has happened. The whole experience was amazing – even the pressure, nerves and stress of getting the shot.”

Tracey Killen, Light Awards LIVE: Perth Attendee

“After attending the Canon Light Awards LIVE, I’m walking away now thinking, yeah actually I can do this and I must have that good eye. The validation from the professionals and the feedback on everyone else’s’ images contributed to helping me learn and tackle future challenges.”

Glenda Gore, Light Awards LIVE: Perth Masterclass Winner

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