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CXDI-401C Wireless

A compact, high-resolution, high-quality detector

Canon CXDI-401C Wireless
The full size x ray panel, that's smart & portable

The CXDI-401C Wireless is a smart thinker in a compact body. With large imaging areas, it easily captures subjects such as the spine, chest and pelvis. Small in size, light in weight and wireless, it's portable to carry between wards, perfect for examining infants, the less mobile and animals. Emitting a lower X-ray dose, it's suitable for patients who require multiple or regular X-rays.

CXDI-401C is a Flat Panel Detector
  • Fast accurate safe icon

    Fast, accurate and safer than ever

    With a pixel pitch of 125 microns and a large effective imaging area of 42.6 x 41.5 cm as well as lower X-ray exposure, the CXDI-401C Wireless is versatile, accurate and safer than ever before.

  • High performance icon

    High performance with a small footprint

    Weighing in at just 3.8kg, this compact unit is fast and productive, thanks to a flat panel detector with a large imaging area and high resolution.

  • Optimised workflow icon

    Automated for a simplified workflow

    This smart operator automatically sizes X-ray exposure areas, so there's no need to select the image size before or after exposure.

  • security icon

    Tight security features

    Featuring advanced security, the CXDI-401C complies with HIPAA regulations - the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which ensures portability & accountability of medical insurance.

  • HIRES image icon

    Focus on what you need

    With a sophisticated image cut-out feature, operators select only the sections of the image they need, leaving the rest behind.

  • Fast image display icon

    Won't leave you waiting

    With images displayed on screen approximately 3 seconds after the X-ray exposure, results are immediately confirmed, errors detected and replacement images taken in no time.

  • Digital transfer icon

    Digital transfer for speed and efficiency

    With X-rays converted into digital data, imaging is completed in just three steps: expose the X-ray, confirm the image on screen, and transfer the image.

CXDI-401C Wireless
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