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CXDI-710C Wireless Series

Digital radiology with clinically beneficial new features.

CXDI 710C wireless Series | 710C/410C/810C

Sleek new detector design

The sleek, tough and ergonomically sculpted new CXDI series wireless detector design includes the following features to enhance the user and patient experience.

  • Tactile, ergonomic design for easy handling

    Ultralight weight and ergonomic hand grips are sculpted into all 4 sides of the detector, making for a more effective, yet comfortable grip.

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  • Maximum maneuverability

    The high quality composite materials, low weight and well-balanced design allows greater comfort for both patients and technologists.

    light weight design

Improved workflow

Juggling multiple detectors is made easier by pressing the 'Ready' button or by selecting your detector from the DR modality workstation.

  • On-board image storage

    On-board memory allows you to operate without reliance on any connected X-ray source or image archive.

  • IPX7 Waterproof

    Designed to cope with fluid soaking and even immersion, the CXDI Series detectors are compliant to IPX7 standards and can withstand up to 30 minutes in water to a depth of 1m without incurring damage.

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    CXDI Control Software NE

    Made exclusively for use with Canon Digital Radiography systems, the CXDI imaging control and management software helps to optimise workflow and complete each examination quickly.

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    Docking Station

    The new multi-function docking station combines the following capabilities in one compact desktop unit to help make your work and workflow even more convenient. 

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    Great Sensitivity

    Superb diagnostic image quality in a versatile, low dose digital radiography system. More sensitive than conventional systems, tailor-made for pediatric and orthopedic use.

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    Improved Image Quality

    Higher resolution quality, higher sensitivity and higher signal to noise performance enables you to provide an enhanced level treatment to your patients.

  • with IK10 shock resistance icon

    Three Tough Detectors

    The new Canon CXDI series wireless detectors can withstand a load of 310 kg; that’s more than twice previous detectors and allows direct weight-bearing imaging.

  • Ultralight Wireless Detectors

    The carbon fibre chassis and frame combined with some of the lightest detectors currently available have allowed for a significant weight reduction, while keeping up with the demands of rigorous daily use.

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