Enjoy a 115.5° angle of view in HD clarity

Canon VB-M641VE

High quality day and night performance

The VB-M641V is a 720P high definition PTRZ fixed dome network camera, which can be remotely adjusted allowing you to re-direct your attention. With an ultra wide 111.5° angle of view, intelligent detection functions and high quality performance in day and night, you'll have all angles covered.

  • Pan, Tilt, Rotate and Zoom

    Re-direct your attention remotely by using the pan, tilt, rotate and zoom functionality.

    Pan tilt rotate and zoom icon
  • In-built intelligence

    Utilise over 6 auto detection functions like moving/abandoned/removed object detection, or tampering and intrusion detection.

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  • Powerful video performance icon

    720P resolution, day or night

    Capture footage high definition images in 720P, no matter the lighting situation. It sports a Super-UD lens that provides maximum IR support and true Day and Night switching.

  • Intrusion detection icon

    Detect intruders

    Identify intruders with motion technology that recognises moving objects in restricted areas. Stay in the know with inbuilt analytic functions which begin recording and provide real time alerts.

  • Easy install, intelligent detection

    Easy installation and an improved PTRZ lens with shock and vibration resistance makes the VB-M641V a smart choice for indoor surveillance.

  • Enhanced bandwidth and bit rate control icon

    Expand the possibilities

    Enjoy improved network bandwidth management and enhanced bit rate control thanks to optimised H.264 encoding and ADSR (Area-specific Data Size Reduction) technology.

  • All the eyes you need icon

    Explore wider angles

    The wide aperture f/1.2-1.8 Super-UD lens with 2.4x zoom gives you clear images, even in low light. Capture vulnerable spots with the ultra-wide 111.5° horizontal angle of view.

  • Easy operation even at night icon

    True performance, even in low light

    Day or night, sharp images and low light performance is guaranteed with the IR Corrected lens. Be confident in your footage with Haze Compensation which automatically adjusts the image contrast.

VB-M641V Specifications
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  1. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Great camera for enthusiasts to professionals

    This camera is great for all occasions. If you're new to photography you can set it to auto and it will do all the work for you, and the more experienced you get the more options there are to take your photography game to the next level. We loved it for portraits, landscape and food videography!

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  2. 4 out of 5 stars.

    Great little camera.

    Thiis is a great little (literally) camera much smaller and lighter than my Canon EOS 5 Mk II. I have been using Canon gear for many years now, and the adapter which comes with the body allows me to use all my current lenses. My only problem is to do with my ageing fingers. When I'm prowling with the camera/lens etc I inadvertently keep pressing the Movie button. Of course these images can be removed after downloading. The movie button works well when needed, producing a very nice product.

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  3. 5 out of 5 stars.

    Superb Camera

    Small body big on performance. Great for field work as it is lighweight AND packs sophisticated power and reatures of DSLRs. APS-C CCD produces crisp and beautiful images of portraiture thru to landscapes. Versatile touch screen allows access to all camera settings and configurations very quickly and without fuss, or extensive study of manuals. This feature alone makes it a breeze to massively improve your abilities to utilise camera config options to capture better images! Smartphone pairing allows wireless remote control shutter release! This is super cool - it literally turns your phone into your camera! Candid street photography is a reality now as no-one knows you are shooting. Imagine how much better, more natural and relaxed people are, when they dont know you are shooting! This is stealth-mode photography made easy. Fast wireless download shots to your phone for viewing and post production editing. No more clunky cables... yay!

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