OKI ColorPainter W Series

Higher resolution, richer colour, stronger returns

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Canon Oce OKI ColorPainter W Series
Everything you need to kick-start your signage business

If you're an entry level graphic artist with your sights set on the wide-format world, the the OKI ColorPainter W-64/54s is the best-in-class entry level roll-to-roll printer for small volume signage businesses. It's low maintenance, easy to use, and produces razor sharp image quality across a range of wide-format modes - without compromising colour density.

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  • Double the speed double the quality icon

    The faster you print, the better the colour

    The ColorPainter W-64/54 won't wash out colour when you print faster. Instead, it delivers rich image quality the faster you print - thanks to its high viscosity inks & ultramodern piezo-inkjet head.

  • The all round over achiever icon

    The detail is in the dark

    Dark areas tend to be grey areas. Not with our high density inks, which use less carriers and more pigments, bringing you crisper dots and crystal clarity and detail.

  • Outdoor durability icon

    Think before you ink

    Whatever your needs, we have the ink for you. Go for outdoor durability and speedy print times with low-solvent GX inks, or look after yourself and the environment with non-hazardous IX inks.

  • Dynamic Dot printing technology icon

    Dynamic Dot Printing Technology

    Processing 3 different drop sizes to maximize image quality and maintain color density, DDP Technology works at high speeds with less graininess.

  • Smart pass technology icon

    Technology that's smart

    Overcome oversprays and pass-to-pass banding with our Smart Pass Technology 3, which uses the most advanced algorithms and improved dot patterns to avoid inking things you don't want inked

  • Smart Nozzle Mapping

    Fast, quality prints - even when your nozzle clogs

    Clogged nozzles can interrupt printing and slow productivity. Our Smart Nozzle Mapping remaps clogged nozzles so you can continue printing without losing image quality or speed.

  • Advanced CP manager icon

    Better print management for less downtime

    Manage print jobs proactively to ensure less interruption time with CP Manager - software that lets you monitor print status, temperature, ink levels and maintenance suggestions.

  • ONYX RIP centre icon

    Add that extra something with ONYX RIPCentre

    A professional RIP from one of the industry's most respected software manufacturers will bring added benefits to your overall performance. Get it for free with your purchase.

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