The DICOM standard image projector perfect for medical use

Canon XEED WUX4000
Bright, clear radiographic images

If you're in the medical industry, you need reliable and best-in-class technology to get the message across quickly and accurately. The XEED WUX4000D showcases DICOM standard images in Full HD and native WUXGA resolution. With 4000 lumens of brightness, you get sharp & clear images in any lighting setting. Flexible connectivity enables projection from almost any source.

Canon XEED WUX4000
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    A unique combination of technology

    Projecting medical images at WUXGA resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels), the XEED WUX4000D raises the quality bar for installation projectors. Plus produce Full HD video in perfect detail.

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    DICOM compliant for medical use

    DICOM mode reproduces images in Blue-base or Clear-base colour temperature to ensure that the images are accurately reproduced expressing the subtle differences in colour tone.

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    Easy Maintenance

    Built to last, it has a modular design which provides easy servicing. The high-efficiency lamp has a lifespan of up to 3000 hours (in Quiet Mode) and can be easily accessed from the back.

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    Exceptional performance

    The AISYS system improves performance of the LCOS panels, for results that cut through high levels of ambient light. A high 1000:1 contrast ratio ensures vivid colours and excellent black levels.

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    Flexible to connect

    The XEED WUX4000D incorporates both DVI-D and HDMI ports. A 15-pin VGA terminal is provided and three mini-jacks provide audio connectivity.

  • Interchangable motorised lenses icon

    Interchangable lenses

    Whether you require a long focus zoom or an ultra wide pan the WUX4000D offers high-quality interchangeable lenses without losing brightness.

  • LCOS technology for precision graphics icon

    LCOS Technology

    Canon LCOS technology overcomes the typical side-effects of conventional projection, producing stunning images without the unwanted effects such as 'lattice' or 'rainbow' effects.

  • Interchangable motorised lenses icon

    Motorised lens shift

    The XEED WUX4000D features powered vertical and horizontal lens shift, allowing for a vertical shift of +55% and -15% of image height, and horizontal shift between +/-10% of image width.